Green-On-The-Go Cutlery Kit
(With Copper Straw)

Say Goodbye to Plastic Straws and Cutlery. ust keep this light-weight reusable bamboo cutlery kit in your bag and forget about ever using Plastic Cutlery again. This handmade 100% Natural Bamboo spoon, fork and knife with a Copper Straw (packed in an unbleached cotton pouch with a vegetable dye logo), will go back to nature when you are ready to discard it.

The cutlery is handmade by artisans in North-East India and provides a sustainable livelihood for them.

Please note that since the cutlery products are hand-made there may be small variances in the pieces from the images seen – however, the products are made with utmost care keeping in mind that they will be used with food products and there are no chemical additives used in the entire production process.

Get 1 Straw Cleaner with Coir Bristles and a Cotton Storage Pouch FREE with this pack!

Product Dimension

Pouch: 24 cm x 5 cm
Cutlery: 15 cm (Approx.)
Straw: 18 cm (Approx.)

– 100% Natural Bamboo Spoon, Fork and Knife
– Good for health as no chemicals used in fabrication and does not release any harmful chemicals like plastic does during use
– Drinking from copper has health benefits
– Quality finish for hand-made Heat-Treated Bamboo to carbonise the surface.
– The carbonisation finishing process also provides water resistance and prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria and moulds) during normal use
– Wash after use for a longer usage life
– 100% Unbleached Cotton Pouch with Vegetable Dye logo
– Completely biodegradable under natural conditions: Born from nature, goes back to nature
– 100% Plastic-Free: No zips, buttons, velcro!
– Easy to wash and re-use

– Cutlery can be put for composting or discarded in nature (simply left on soil) – made from 100% Bamboo with no added chemicals, it goes back to nature
– Copper Straw should be discarded/ recycled with metal. You can give it to your local kabadiwala for recycling as well
– Shred the pouch into small pieces and put into composting/ wet waste


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(With Copper Straw)”

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