Menstrual Cup-Shup

Menstrual Cups…

Don’t ‘ Whisper’ about being ‘ Free’…Shout from the Roof tops that you can truly be free….

Free from Rash
Free from monthly spending Cash
Free from creating destructive Trash

Mission Impossible??? Fear not…Tom Cruise may be too busy saving the World, but a safe, cost effective and     eco-friendly alternative is here…..
Presenting( with a drum roll)….the humble ‘Menstrual Cup’.

Menstrual Cup?? What’s that you ask? A menstrual cup is a reusable insertable cup, which is so comfortable and liberating that
‘ Flying’ is no longer just limited to birds, bees and airplanes..
A menstrual cup is made from medical grade platinum cured silicone rubber which is skin friendly and free from all chemicals that can cause irritation ( medical catheters are made from the same material). In contrast a disposable sanitary pad contains chemicals used in manufacturing car tires, Styrofoam and a host of petrochemicals. Don’t forget the fabulous bleach used to keep the pads white….( Potent cocktail anyone???).
Menstrual Cups don’t absorb the essential vaginal fluids like a Tampon does. It just collects the menstrual blood. Using a cup requires a bit of getting used to and one or two cycles and you are a Pro…being able to offer support to your friends and relatives, who you are sure to ‘ Cupvert’ when they hear your
Feeling Free and liberated tales…

Some interesting facts

1. A woman bleeds maximum 30- 75 ml a day and so a cup can be emptied and re-inserted 3-4 times a day at the most.
2. A cup can remain in place while you attend Nature’s call unlike when you use a pad.
3. A cup can collect upto 25-30 ml at a time and so you can have a sound sleep zzzzz!
4. One single cup can easily be used for upto 5 years….Yes …no more monthly expenses and hiding sanitary pads in newspapers and covers…


If these facts don’t excite you enough to make the switch….then here are more…

1. A single disposable pad requires only 800 years+ to disintegrate…mind you not decompose, just disintegrate….
2. A woman will generate up to a hundred Kgs of Sanitary waste in her entire menstrual cycle of 35 years.
3. A normal sized city produces 90 tonnes of sanitary waste every single day….Pleasant thought?? Landfills cannot take any more….
4. In comparison a woman will use maximum 5 cups in her entire menstrual cycle which amounts to maximum 80-90 gms. Fun fact if you burn a cup, you get silica which is another name for Sand….
Any more reasons to switch???
Ok here are a few bonus advantages.
1. Enjoy your swim, run, climb, gym, work all without a single worry of being uncomfortable or ‘leaking’. A menstrual cup has air holes that create a vacuum seal in the vagina, which is released by the user while removing the cup.
2. Enjoy complete privacy…the cup takes smallest of space and is in a cute cotton bag. No one ever needs to figure out that…” its that time of the month”.
3. Enjoy the Savings as you recover the cost of your cup within 8-9 months and the rest of the 4-5 years is free free free…
4. Enjoy being a Green Crusader and not killing our Mother Earth with all that plastic…

If you are still not convinced to ‘ CupVert’ then just give me a call…
Would love to ‘ Cup-Shup’ with you.

Nisha Bellare
Entrepreneur and Eco-Naut
Nari Yari

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