Menstrual Cup: Hansa Iyer’s Experience of Making the Switch

We spoke to Hansa Iyer who switched to a Nari Yari Menstrual Cup on the recommendation of her Didi who she works for.

This is what she had to say…


The ease of use during travel, the fact that she does not feel the cup at all and doesn’t feel like she is on her period as a result are her main reasons for recommending the cup to everyone else and even to her daughter!

So when are you making the switch?

Find out more about the menstrual cup on our blog or get in touch with us.

Start your journey for a Zero-Waste Period today! Get your menstrual cup here.

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  • I think to save our environment let’s always be open for a change.and if we feel that yes we are comfortable with the change then great else we can always go back to the earlier options.
    I am a person who has the acceptance for changes if they are good and for everyone’s betterment.lets help each other.

    • We could not agree with you more. Sustainable changes are always welcome…and especially when its something as amazing as cups which you don’t even feel when you wear it! 🙂

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