THT “No More Plastic Bags” Kit

Say “NO” to Plastic Bags forever with this combination to suit all your needs!

Use the 12 kilo capacity Tote Bag for carrying your groceries, books, shopping in and use the 6 Shop ‘n’ Store Bags for buying your fruits and vegetables and keeping them fresh in the fridge for longer.

Unbleached, unstarched high-quality cotton bags ensure you don’t need any plastic bags ever! Easy to wash and reuse, these bags are printed on with vegetable dye and eco-friendly ink making them perfectly safe for the environment and kids too!

Use together or use separately as per your convenience. 100% Plastic-Free, these bags will last a long time and ensure you bring 0 Plastic Bags home!

Pack Contents:

1 Happy Turtle Easy Fold Tote Bag

6 Shop ‘n’ Store Bags

– 100% Unbleached Unstarched Cotton: Free of chemicals
– Vegetable Dye used for the logo on Shop ‘n’ Store Bags
– Eco-Friendly Ink used for the logo on Tote Bag
– Completely biodegradable under natural conditions: Born from nature, goes back to nature
– Tote Bag Load Capacity: 12 kilos
– Shop ‘n’ Store Load Capacity: 3 kilos
– 100% Plastic-Free: No zips, buttons, velcro!
– Easy to wash and re-use

– When worn out, we recommend using the bag as a dust cloth since it is made from 100% cotton and is super-absorbent.
– Composting: Cut into small shreds and add to home composting units. When taking the compost out, make sure you remove the bigger shreds left and keep them for composting again
– Shred into small pieces and send along with wet waste for industrial composting


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