Plastic-Free Dental Kit
(Charcoal Bristles Toothbrush)


Brush your teeth and help the environment by using our Bamboo toothbrushes with Paakshantara Dentifrice.

The toothbrush handle is 100% Biodegradable Chemical-free Natural Bamboo. Paakshaantara Dentifrice is a Zero-Waste 100%  Biodegradable product made from all natural ingredients. You can even use it directly over plants/soil without any environmental impact.

The brushes last just as long as your regular toothbrush but being plastic-free, the handle does not release any chemicals like plastic. Moreover, the carbonisation process for manufacturing prevents microbial growth. The bristles are made out of Nylon activated with Charcoal which provide a better and more effective cleaning for you teeth. The Nylon bristles also need to be removed from the bamboo handle when discarding the brush.

We do not use any bioplastics in our products (refer to our Blog or Resource Centre to understand more), and since the nylon bristles are recyclable, we continue to use the same in our toothbrushes.

The dentifrice comprises of sendha namak (pink salt) which suits all body types ‐vata, pitta, kapha (blood pressure patients are recommended to consult doctor before usage). Lasts 3‐4 months if kept dry and used by 1 person.

Product Dimension


Length: 17.5 cm (Approx.)


Grammage: 100 gms

Shelf life ‐ till product finishes (keep product dry)

The dentifrice is attributed to Ms. Chetna Pathak for giving the recipe.

– Attractive looking 100% Natural Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal bristles
– Durable, high-quality finish, stain and odour resistant
– Charcoal bristles help absorb plaque, reduce tooth staining, help with teeth whitening and reduce bad breath and odour
– Chemical-Free Carbonisation production process for the bamboo prevents growth of microbes during normal use
– Wash after use and keep in a dry place for a longer life
– Slight lightening of the handle is natural with use
– Dentifrice Easily re‐made at home (recipe given on tag)
– Completely safe for children, pregnant women and old aged people.
– Financially supports families in villages from where the raw materials are procured.
– Reduces dependence on factories ‐ thus reducing all forms of pollution caused by factories (air, water, soil, sound)
– Packed in 100% Unbleached Cotton Pouch with Vegetable Dye used for the logo
– Completely biodegradable under natural conditions: Born from nature, goes back to nature (bristles need to be removed and recycled separately)

– Cut the tag into strips and compost the strips and rope or discard with wet waste.
– Reuse the glass bottle or get it re‐filled at Paakshaantara store and avail a 10% discount.
– Pull out the bristles using pliers and discard all nylon bristles (with activated charcoal) along with Plastic recycling/ dry waste
– Bamboo handle can be put for composting or discarded in nature (simply left on soil) – made from 100% Bamboo with no added chemicals, it goes back to nature
– Shred the pouch into small pieces and put into composting/ wet waste

Additional information

100gms, 25gms


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(Charcoal Bristles Toothbrush)”

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