Paakshaantara Natural Hair Cleanser 100gms

DID YOU KNOW: Water when mixed with bases (one of the main components for shampoo) & other chemicals of commercial hair wash can never be treated and brought back to its original form ‐ thus forming a part of the source for our polluted rivers.

Instead, opt for Paakshaantara Hair Cleanser (Reetha or Khal) – a Zero-Waste 100%  Biodegradable product made from all natural ingredients. You can even use the waste water directly over plants/soil without any environmental impact.

You can also collect and filter the water through simple layered filter ‐ to reuse the water.

Reetha Variant is great for normal to oily scalp (use honey/ aloe vera gel as conditioner) and Khal Variant is great for dry scalp and can also be used as a hair pack. Mix with honey/water/rose water (honey and water need to be added in a 1:1 ratio)  and use as a paste. Both variants are suitable for all body types as a pack too ‐ apply and leave it for 10 to 15mins, massage gently and wash.

For use as a shampoo, apply only on length for 3‐5 mins and wash. Can also apply a few drops of hair oil to remove any dryness, only on length, after wash.

For hair pack ‐ leave it for 10 to 15mins, give steam (not necessary), massage gently and wash.

One 100gms pack lasts 1 month as hair wash and 1-2 months as hair pack (once per fortnight).

Shelf life ‐ till product finishes. Please keep the product dry

The wash is attributed to Ms. Rekha Shorey (Reetha Wash) and Ms. Sharmila Sinha (for Khal) for giving the recipe.

– Zero waste products. Zero degree separation from nature.
– Products attributed to the person who gives the recipe.
– Completely safe for children, pregnant women & old aged people (also animals).
– Financially supports families in villages from where the raw materials are procured.
– Supports nature from production till disposal as raw materials come directly from nature.
– Reduces dependence on factories ‐ thus reducing all forms of pollution caused by factories (air, water, soil, sound).

– Cut the tag into strips and compost the strips and rope or discard with wet waste.
– Reuse the glass bottle or get it re‐filled at Paakshaantara store and avail a 10% discount.

Additional information

Reetha (Normal to Oily Scalp), Khal (Dry Scalp)


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