Paakshaantara Lip Balm 25gms

Lip balms/lipsticks are ingested in much larger quantities directly into our stomachs. With chemical-based Lip-Balms with plastic applicators, you are harming your health and the environment.

Instead, opt for Paakshaantara Lip Balm (Vanilla/ Rose/ Lemon Grass) – a Zero-Waste 100%  Biodegradable product made from all natural ingredients. You can use it directly over plants/soil without any environmental impact.

This is a multi-purpose balm that can be used for hydration and moisturising needs. It  is especially recommended for infants in replacement of a lotion. Lemon grass is also effective against mosquitoes. You can even use it as night cream for your face. Apply generously on feet at night, for treatment of cracked feet.

One 25gms pack lasts up to 3-4 months as regularly used Lip Balm.

Shelf life ‐ till product finishes.

The lip balm is attributed to Ms. Pratishtha Bajpai for sharing the recipe.

– Zero waste products. Zero degree separation from nature.
– Products attributed to the person who gives the recipe.
– Completely safe for children, pregnant women & old aged people (also animals).
– Financially supports families in villages from where the raw materials are procured.
– Supports nature from production till disposal as raw materials come directly from nature.
– Reduces dependence on factories ‐ thus reducing all forms of pollution caused by factories (air, water, soil, sound).

– Cut the tag into strips and compost the strips and rope or discard with wet waste.
– Reuse the glass bottle or get it re‐filled at Paakshaantara store and avail a 10% discount.

Additional information

Vanilla, Rose, Lemon Grass, Mint


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