Hand-crafted Bamboo Mug

These hand-crafted Bamboo Mugs are made by artisans without the use of any varnish, polish or chemicals. The design is made by burning the bamboo mug on the outside and the handle is also made from Bamboo joined using Bamboo nails. The mugs are suitable for hot and cold liquids. They are heat-treated and microbe-resistant and as a result do not absorb liquids nor impact the flavour of your beverage.

Remember to wash them and keep them dry when not in use for a longer life. Since the mugs are hand-made using natural bamboo, there may be variations in sizes from the images based on the naturally available bamboo size.

Product Dimension

Height: 7-7.5 inches (Approx.)

Diameter: 2.5-3 inches

Capacity: 500 ml

– Hand crafted, chemical-free, eco-friendly, deforestation free Bamboo Mug
– Suitable for all beverages: hot, cold, alcoholic, non-alcoholic
– Heat, Microbe and Odour Resistant: Heat-treated with natural products
– Sturdy and unbreakable
– Keep dry when not in use for a long life
– Sterilise by boiling in water once a month (approx.) to make the mug as good as new
– Dishwasher friendly, however, hand-wash is preferred due to long processing cycles of dishwasher

– Natural Bamboo Product and can be composted or discarded with wet waste
– Cotton Pouch for Storage can be repurposed or discarded with compost or wet waste by shredding into small pieces

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