Fall in Love with ZERO

We are proud that the concept of ‘ZERO’ was introduced by the famous Indian Mathematician and Scientist Aryabhatta around 530-545 AD.
We also absolutely love the number of ‘zeros’ that follow a number in a cheque or money transfer ( the more the better) , but today the ‘Zero’ we are asking you to fall in love with is….different ( not the Maggi Hot & Sweet Wala different).

These Zeros will change our lives and make the World a better place to live in…Want to know more???

Awesome! Please read on…

The idea is to ‘Cupvert’ and through this brilliant move switch to a safe, clean and green technology and get enabled to ‘ Fall in love with Zero’.

Fall in love with
Zero Waste
Zero Rashes
Zero Cash

This can’t be possible right???
Fear not, here comes to your rescue, the humble

‘ Menstrual Cup’…

Zero Waste

A single cup weighs 14-20 gms and one cup can be used upto 5 years. Once you wish to switch to a new cup, the old cup can be burnt and it turns back to Silica, which is sand… Compare that with 10 pads at average per month for 60 months (600 pads in 5 years which will allow the contents to leach into the soil and water table and disintegrate after 800 years).

Zero Rashes

A menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina and collects the menstrual blood. So no more pads to rub against sensitive nether organs and inner thighs. No more being worried about ‘ visibility’ during the monthlies and zero rubbing and chaffing…..The idea itself is so liberating, isn’t it?

Zero Cash

Enjoy the experience of having more cash in your purses every month. Buy one Menstrual Cup, recover the cost within 8-9 months and then….Zero Cash for your monthly cycles for the remaining 4+ years. Enjoy the movies, treats or savings that a Menstrual Cup will bring you…


So join the Nari Yari movement and don’t forget….Shout from the roof tops and tell all your girl friends, relatives and acquaintances ( why not strangers too???). Let them also fall in love with Zero along with you.



About the Author: Nisha Bellare is the Founder of Nari Yari menstrual cups, which is also a part of the Green-the-Red Movement. She is available for a ‘Cup-Shup’ any time and you can drop her an email here or call on +91-9341255690 for more information on making the switch to menstrual cups.


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  • I think to save our environment let’s always be open for a change.and if we feel that yes we are comfortable with the change then great else we can always go back to the earlier options.
    I am a person who has the acceptance for changes if they are good and for everyone’s betterment.lets help each other.

    • We could not agree with you more. Sustainable changes are always welcome…and especially when its something as amazing as cups which you don’t even feel when you wear it! 🙂

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